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For some people, back to school shopping obviously means backpacks, pens, paper, and the like. For others, though, it means scoring great deals on technology. That’s why notable tech companies will offer special pricing, financing deals, and other incentives at this time of year.

Just in time for back to school – or back to work – Stellar Phoenix is offering a five-in-one bundle of some of its most popular software titles, giving you five of its crowd favorites for one low price. Included in the limited time offer are Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery, Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair, Stellar Audio Video Converter, Stellar Phoenix PDF Repair, and Stellar PDF to Image Converter. Purchased in the bundle pack, that brings the price of all five titles to $49.99, a 71% discount over purchasing them separately.

Save over $120 with this great software bundle deal.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is a handy app offers users one-touch image recovery for a variety of file types, and is compatible with multiple versions of different operating systems. It not only scans hard drives, but also external hard drives, USB drives, and even digital cameras, looking for lost, deleted, or corrupted content in order to recover it.

At the same time, Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair works its recovery magic on files that your photo editing or installed image reader software can’t open. While the process of repairing a corrupted JPEG or JPG can be cumbersome, there’s also a fast-track “Extract Thumbnails” feature that lets you pre-select which files need to be repaired, rather than waiting out the process for it to scan and repair all of your photo files.

Anyone looking for a simple, clean video converter tool that won’t chew up tons of space or speed will enjoy Stellar Audio Video Converter. It’s somewhat scaled down and easy to use, making it ideal for quick conversions of file to run on Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PSP, and more.

A lot of students fear the dreaded “group project,” and not just because there’s always that one guy who draws something on a sheet of notebook paper and calls that his contribution. More likely, it has to do with trying to collaborate virtually with other team members across different platforms, only to have the files not open, the images and graphs not appear, the text to be skewed, and more. Stellar Phoenix PDF Repair helps you recover corrupted PDF files and put everything back the way most of your group members intended.

Finally, Stellar PDF to Image Converter is the perfect utility for selecting portions of PDFs and converting them to images for easy incorporation into your projects, reading on various devices, and more. It’s also a great way to select only the portion of a large PDF file that you need and send it to your study partners, rather than sending the entire 45-page doctoral thesis on the topic. It has a preview mode to help you ensure you’ve found the correct section, the option to save only even or odd numbered pages, and more.

All five titles are available in a single low-priced download until August 15th, so don’t miss out! Simply click here for the Windows package, or click here for the Mac package. 

As an added bonus, Stellar Phoenix is also offering 70% off special pricing until August 15th on its Data Recovery for iPhone utility with Coupon Code BTSIPHONE.

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