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by Monday.20.March24

Korean girl band, Six Bomb, releases video of their plastic surgery procedures
Korean pop girl group, Six Bomb have released two videos, a before and after where they celebrate their plastic surgery procedures.
According to their manager, Kim Il-woong, the four women have had 'almost every kind of surgery that could be done on a face' and breast implants.
The popular group went under the knife and documented the latest plastic surgery with two singles titled 'Becoming Prettier,' one subtitled 'Before' and the other 'After.' The first video below shows the four members getting their hair and nails done and consulting a plastic surgeon. While the second video shows their faces drastically changed. The band's management reportedly spent up to 100 million wan (around £71,300) on the women's surgery, but claim they weren't forced to undergo any procedures. However, a South Korean survey found more than 60% of women in their late 20s have had a cosmetic procedure. Watch the videos below...

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